Top Cruising Tips, with cruise expert Caroline Gladstone


If like us, you grew up watching The Love Boat you’ve probably thought about cruising at some stage in your life. Travel writer and veteran cruiser Caroline Gladstone has done more than just think about it, she’s been on more than 60 cruises – from the Antarctic to the Pacific islands and thus knows pretty much everything there is to know about shipboard life.

peter-hansen-455710-unsplash (1)In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we explore the cruising lifestyle with her – who does it, why you’d want to do it, how and where to do it and how to get the best deal.

Whether you’ve already booked your dream cruise, or just thinking about it, you’re sure to pick up some useful tips from this cruising maven.

And if you have any tips or tricks of you own, or questions, we’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment.

And if you’d like to read more about Caroline’s high seas adventures, so can do so on her blog at

Thinking of Becoming a Vegan? You’ll Want to Listen to This First.

Episode 7 Listen here

Supported by a growing interest in food ethics, sustainability and health concerns, veganism has made a shift from dwelling on the culinary fringes to becoming one of the fastest-growing food movements in the world.


But if you’ve ever considered going vegan, there are some vital things you need to consider before you do.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we talk with vegan dietitian Kiah Paetz about the pitfalls, the tricks, tips, the possible health implications and the benefits of adopting a vegan diet.


Surviving the World’s Worst Tsunami

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On Boxing Day 2004, travel writer John Maddocks woke to his partner Cheryl’s’ screams; “a noise that sounded like a jet engine,” and a massive wall of water heading straight for their beachside cabana on the south coast of Sri Lanka.
In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we talk to John about how they survived the world’s worst tsunami, the post traumatic stress that followed and the catharsis he found in writing about the experience.

You can buy John’s book “Against the odds- Surviving the World’s Worst Tsunami and Overcoming Trauma” here.

From Prison Kitchen to 5-Star Restaurant

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In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we chatt with chef Minh Le about the highs and lows of owning his own restaurant, his career that’s ranged from prison kitchens to the heights of fine dining, and how a city kid has found peace in the bush. minh

When he’s not cooking up incredible food at The Peak restaurant at Spicers Peak Lodge at Maryvale west of Brisbane, you’ll find him trail running and doing yoga. Minh shares his inspirational story which begins when he was just a young boy when his mother taught him to cook simple Vietnamese food for his younger siblings.

How to Win at the Frequent Flyers Reward Game.

How does a former English language teacher from Wollongong end up as global nomad, working remotely from some of the most exotic destinations in  the world?

Episode 4 Listen here 


A travel enthusiast from way back, Matt Moffitt started a modest blog to answer the questions that family and friends asked him most often, and through it, discovered he loved writing about travel almost as much as he enjoyed doing it. As a frequent flyer who relished the challenge of getting the best return for his points, Matt became a contributor to,  a website that demystifies the world’s frequent flyer programs and gives readers tips and tricks on how to best earn and use frequent flyer points. Today, he’s managing editor of the site, and spends about half the year in Austin, Texas and the other half on a plane (the pointy end of course!)

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we get the lowdown from Matt on how to best work your frequent flyer points to travel more often and in a style you’ll quickly become used to.


Is Camel Milk the Mother of all Superfoods?

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Camel milk latte anyone? What about a slice of camel Jeffrey Flood.JPGmilk cheddar with your crackers?

Forget kimchi and kale – camel milk may just be the mother of all superfoods. Not only is it rich in vitamin B1 (thiamin), calcium, potassium and phosphorus, but it’s packed with healthy probiotics that assist good gut bacteria growth.

Even more exciting are worldwide studies showing positive results in its use in the management of autism, diabetes, autoimmune skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema and a raft of other conditions.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we talk to biochemist and nutritional immunotherapist Jeff Flood, CEO of Australia’s largest camel dairy, Summer Land Camels about how his search for better health for his patients led him to camels, why people who can’t tolerate cow, sheep or goat’s milk can benefit from camel milk and the future of camel dairying in Australia and the rest of the world.

Hopefully you’ll find this story as fascinating as we did. Please download it now on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

Chef Alastair McLeod

Episode 2. Listen hereAlastairMc2

Despite the Irish brogue, chef Alastair McLeod has deep links to Australia. While his father was an Irish publican, his jazz singer mother’s family came from Erub Island in the Torres Strait. Raised in Belfast at the height of The Troubles, Alastair was classically trained in Europe but has chosen Brisbane, Queensland as his home.

He is a presenter with Channel Seven’s Queensland Weekender and Network 10’s Ready Steady Cook, as well as being the MC for the Good Food and Wine Shows around Australia.

We chat with Alastair about his early days stuffing too many mushrooms, Nigella’s marmite pasta, our changing dining habits, and why vegetables are the new star on our plates.